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A more private internet, one device at a time!

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Privacy solutions

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The Guardian

A secure password manager that lives entirely in your pocket (away from the cloud). It doesn't matter if you're on your laptop, phone, or tablet, the Guardian will work with them out-of-the-box and automatically handle your logins.

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The Nexus

Self-hosting made simple (and private). This Hardware & Software ecosystem will allow you to run your own private cloud straight from your home, and keep it easily accessible from anywhere on the globe without exposing it to third-party services.

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About us

Missing Link is a small startup based in Portugal, and our goal is to reinvent devices that define how we interact with the internet. Nowadays, being connected implies a lot of trust. You trust companies not to misuse your personal information, you trust free Wi-Fi to not manipulate your internet traffic, you might even trust your web browser to keep your passwords safe. But accidents do happen... At Missing Link, our goal is to bring control back to your life - one device at a time.

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If you have any question about our services, want to get a direct quote for your business, or believe you are a good potential partner for our company, contact us anytime! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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